Samanvya / Achievements

Group participated in Zonal Theatre Festival at Hissar in 1991, organized by SNA Participated in National Multi-lingual Drama Festival at Bhuvneshvar in 2000(play havaghar).

Orgnized show for folk Theatre in association with NZCC for last 10 years in various part of Himachal Pradesh.

Organized Theatre seminars on Theatre in Shimla in past years and honored Vetran Theatre artist of Himachal.

Bhupender Sharma nominated as Theatre observer for Zonal Festival of SNA at Jammu 1884, Kurukshetra 1985, & Shimla 1989.

Bhupender Sharma nominated as one of the 15 Director’s from nation for the one month intensive Theatre workshop at at NCOA Bombay in 1995 Intensive work on folk Theatre from “karyala”.


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