रगंमच से मेरा नाता पिचले एक साल से जुड़ा है। मात्र एक साल पहले अभिनय वर्कशाप करने के बाद ये तय हो गया कि मंच ही मेरे लिये अच्छी जगह है। इसे करने के बाद मैने स्कुल मे भी अभिनय किया । इस वर्ष भी मुझे वर्कशाप में अभिनय कर ने का मौका मिला । इस वर्ष के नाट्क का नाम बरगद है। इसमें पेड पक्षी और प्राक्रितिक सुन्दर्ता को मनुष्य की तरह बाते करते दिखाया है।

Name : Himani Sharma


मै वर्क्शोप इसलिये पसन्द करती हुं क्योंकि वहां बहुत कुछ सीखने को मिलता है ओर जो हम छुटियां घर पे ही बिता देते थे टीवी , गेम देखने में जुटे रेह्ते थे अब हम नाट्क मे अपनी -2 भुमिका निभा रहे हैं। उसमें हमें एकटिंग करना सिखाते हैं ओर योग प्राणानाम ओर तरह तरह की गेमस सिखाते हैं ।

Name :  Chinmay Sharma


I enjoyed a lot and played many games during the workshop. In The workshop I learned many physical and mental experiences in the workshop. I also learned few ways of acting.

Name :  Upanshu


I like this workshop very much. I enjoyed it a lot. It was a great experience. The name of our play is BARGAD. I like this play very much. We played a few game in this workshop. The teachers are very nice. They thought us yoga also. This was a great experience.

Name : Piyush


I like workshop very much because teachers tell is about new things. In workshop I have choose acting. Now a day we are doing a play which is about a life of a tree. In this play I am doing the role of a sunflower. I am happy because they have open this workshop for children’s in winter holidays. From this workshop I don’t see TV or computer more than 15-20 min. I love the workshop very much.

Name :  ShriyaThakur


It was the great experience for me in this acting workshop. Learn many things Such As acting, games of different type which helped us to keep ourselves to physically and mentally fit and active. I have classes emphasized most on individual character of child. I learnt many yoga features to keep our mind cool. At last I want to say that whatever the teacher preaching us, I will going to follow that thought wit of my life .Iam thankful to them that they gave me knowledge about acting and preaching ma all the necessary things that child do for their letter future.

Name :   Divyanshu Sharma


I like this workshop a lot. It was a great experience working in this workshop I learn a lot in this workshop. How to communicate with the people, whom we don’t know, increasing confidence level, how to concentrate our power of imagination & creativity also increased.

Name :   Shivam Sharma


I had a very good experience in this holiday classes’ want many lessons from my teachers. I wish such classes to be hold all over India and this world. 6

Name :  Gungun


It was a great experience for me. In this workshop we enjoy a lot. In this workshop we play many games, acting and yoga. In this workshop we play a game which was helped in concentration. In this workshop we play mind games. We are playing an act in Gaiety Theaterin whichI am student and Air.

Name :   Anurag